Marriage and Intimacy: Why Opening Up Can Lead to Deeper Love

Marriage and Intimacy: Why Opening Up Can Lead to Deeper Love

There’s no doubt that marriage is a beautiful thing. However, having a functional and fulfilling marriage doesn’t come easy. It requires the effort of both couples to make it work. Most people who enjoy marriage and intimacy will tell you how much effort work they have put into it to reach wherever they are.

Unfortunately, many people don’t realize that there’s no relationship that can work without the cooperation of two people. Both individuals must decide that they want to enjoy their marriage – that is the starting point. It is a conscious decision that both parties must take in order to take their marriage to a higher level. Failing to do so will only put a strain on the marriage and make it impossible to enjoy the fruits of marriage.

Why is it important to open up in marriage?
A strong marriage is built on trust. This means being open with one another on almost everything in a relationship. There’s nothing to be hidden between two people who are deeply in love. Lack of trust often comes as a result of suspicion and unconfessed secrets. When two people are not open with each other, it becomes difficult for them to work as a team let alone enjoy marriage. Try to think of a situation where the two of you are in bed and everyone is suspicious of the others. Is it possible for those people to fully enjoy sex with each other? Definitely not. Consider consulting a sexpert to help guide you to a better, more fulfilling relationship.

Why is because there is no harmony between partners. The only way to break away from such is to open up and face the truths without fearing anything. Although sometimes it might be difficult to open with each other, it is important to find a way to start, no matter how difficult it appears. Trust can only be obtained through open conversations. When there is trust, intimacy comes automatically.

Increasing Intimacy

Intimacy is a lifelong process of discovering one another. Most people often start on the right note but over time lose that closeness. They begin to distance themselves from one another and keep their own secrets. According to psychologists, people who open up to each other tend to have intimate conversations because there is something inside that drives them to do so. Those who hide things from their spouses create an opportunity for others to do so.

That’s normally why unfaithfulness begins in marriage. Because one person feels neglected, they will try to seek someone else whom they can open up to. As a couple, it is good to bring out any contentious issues before on the table without compromise. That’s the best way to resolve issues within a marriage. Sweeping issues under the carpet might seem to be a solution but will eventually come to haunt you at a later stage.

Clears Up Doubts

Another reason why opening up can lead to deeper love is that it clears doubts between two people. In most cases, loves starts to fade away when couples are not free and open with one another. As time goes by, a cloud of suspicion and comes to fill a vacuum that was once full of trust and love. Such a scenario makes it difficult for a husband and a wife to freely discuss and resolve issues. Whenever an issue arises, both partners prefer not to talk about it. They believe that by doing so, they are avoiding trouble and probably saving their marriage. But the truth is that such issues will only pile up and explode at an opportune time. It is behaving like an ostrich by burying their heads in the sand when they are faced with difficult circumstances. When a couple is able to deal with issues head-on, they grow deeper in love because there is nothing straining their relationship.

Cultivates Respect and Enhances Love

Last but not least, opening up brings about the aspect of respect and love. It shows that a wife or a husband is loving or respectful enough to share anything with his or her spouse. For example, if another man tries to seduce a married woman and the woman decides to speak about it with her husband, it demonstrates a higher level of respect that the woman has for her husband. The husband will feel more respected and appreciate her wife even more. Such an action will also discourage the husband from engaging in an extra-marital affair because of the love and respect projected to him by his wife. In this case, both the wife and husband are likely to experience deeper love and intimacy in their marriage simply because they don’t hide anything from each other. The habit of sharing information that has the potential of negatively affecting marriage or relationship creates a strong bond between the couple. They will have no reason to be suspect each other.

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